Endlessly Beautiful

Endlessly Beautiful is our beguiling approach to sustainable business.

Fed-up with society’s humdrum perception of sustainability, we wanted to share our thoughts on how corporations can see themselves as part of a long-term future.

Our research identified seven behaviours that, when embraced by organizations, can help them
to attain endless beauty.

We call these the 7 Beautiful Imperatives.

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1. Be provocative

You have the power to challenge the status quo. If you have something to offer, say so, and say it loud.

2. Awaken your inner poet

Brevity is the soul of wit. Keep your sustainability story short; make it punchy; be poetic.

3. Empower the people

When people shop, they vote. You can empower people to vote with their money, so make them vote for you.


4. Cause a pussy riot

Governments are crippled by inherent short-termism. It's up to you to challenge governments and lead us towards a beautiful future.

5. Profit like a prophet

When CEOs take CSR issues into account, people see them as visionary and corporate results improve. Don’t be afraid to share your vision.

6. Think in perpetuity

When you are building your corporation, imagine that you are building a cathedral. Make it beautiful and it will last forever.

7. Don’t Panic

When it comes to sustainability, you need to retain a sense of humour. Using doom and gloom seriously doesn’t work.